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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Best Mobile, TV, AC, And Other Electronic Items Buy Online

If you are planning to buy any electronic product online. And you are little bit confuse about your decision, then in this blog, you'll definitely get your answer and best choice over the product.

So, Mobile is everyone's first need. And everyone used to search here and there which mobile is in budget and where to buy a best camera mobile or high RAM and a powerful Battery mobile. Usually, this happens to us with all the products.

Make sure, this blog will really help you a lot. Before buying any product online you can simply click on the given item, and your choice will be final after that.

So, let's begin.....

Which Is The Best Mobile :

In this section, I will divide your choice in budget phone or mobile with any price. Because doing this process it will help you a lot to find the best one of your choice. ok,

Budget Mobile Phone : Under ₹ 10,000

If you have a low budget problem and you are thinking about a phone with a good camera quality, battery life, RAM and Good Display, all in one phone. And your final budget is under ₹ 10,000 (10K). then you must buy these phones.

Realme U1 :

If you are a Selfie Lover, then this will a wonderful phone for you. It's 25 MP Front Camera is really awesome. But please don't try to think or compare this with a DSLR Camera. 
25 MP is ok. Because after click a selfie with this phone you have no need to edit your photo, it will splash a white wash on your pic or video shot via front camera. 
it has a wonderful battery life 3500 mAh. And it gives you a last long feel. 
The biggest problem of this phone is Display. If you have no problem with display, and your final need is Front Camera (for clicking Selfie and Record Videos), then don't be late buy this phone.

This mobile phone has 3 variants available in the market with high RAM & Storage Capacities. 

Redmi 6 Pro :

Best PubG Mobile phone in budget. This mobile phone has a low quality front camera. If you need an ok type camera then it is good. It has a very good display and a last long Battery. 
Otherwise camera is just ok. The performance of this mobile is very good.
This Mobile Phone is available in 2 variants available in the market.
Click Here To Buy This Mobile Phone (Redmi 6 Pro) 

If you are checking this blog after a long time then Click Here to get latest offers and best deals in mobile section. So that, you can easily find out the new or upcoming launched mobile phone.

Mobiles Between : ₹10,000 to ₹15,000

Redmi Note 5 Pro :

This mobile has everything whatever your need is, 6GB RAM, 20 MP Front Camera, 4000 mAh Battery, I think everything. The best part of this mobile is Display. 

This is the best mobile in this budget, don't buy Samsung or any other Brands. They will disappoint you. 

Mobiles Between : ₹15,000 And Above

If your budget is more than 15,000 then you can Click Here and buy anyone mobile from this list. Oneplus, Vivo V15 Pro, Oppo F11 Pro, Huawei P30 Lite, you can buy anyone mobile that is in this list.

Best TV (Smart TV, Android, 4K UHD)

Android TV is a word like someone is talking about a 43 inches mobile phone. 
Yes, it's a big screen mobile phone. 
You are planning to buy a Smart TV then Mi is the best Option for you. 
Click Here to buy the TV in your budget. But Mi Is The Best. 

You need a single click and you will be redirected to that page which is your most favourite.

Best AC In Budget :

There were some offers available by which you could buy your AC at a reasonable Price. But currently some products are missing. So I'm going to Link a Page Here, By clicking Here you will be redirected at that page and if any offer will be available there, it will be a win win deal for you. 

Amazon Basics ACs are best, if you have a low budget problem then you must buy that product. ok 

Ask in Comment Section if you want to know more information about any Product. Or you can ask in Leave A Message (LIVE Chat) Section. ok

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

SBI Youth For India Fellowship 2019

SBI Youth for India is a 13 month long program that enables India’s brightest and the best young minds to work on rural development projects with experienced NGOs. It provides a framework for India’s highly motivated young minds to join hands with rural communities, empathize with their struggles (job, education, food, health, etc.)  and connect with their aspiration.

Duration, Eligibility And Selection Process Of The Fellowship :

 Duration : 

  • Time of the fellowship program is 13 months.
  • Full Time Work.
  • And you have to stay in rural areas near Project Site.

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Young Professional or fresh graduates, aged between 21-32 (as on the date of commencement of the exams).
  • Your nationality must be as an Indian.

Selection Process :

After completing of the registration process, You will start filling your application form (it will take up to 2 Hrs to finish the form). Then, you have to give some information in your application form, as,
  • General Information - Tell us about yourself by sharing accurate personal information and background
  •  Essay Questions - A 60 minute timed test to assess your personality and problem-solving abilities.
  •  Quick Quiz - A multiple-choice questionnaire to ensure you have all the relevant program details with you before enrolling.
  • Medical History - In this section, you will be required to share information regarding your physical and mental health conditions. If you have any medical history, please share accurate information regarding them with details. The section is aimed at understanding whether your health allows you to adjust to the village environment.
  • Self - Declaration - A confirmation before final submission that validates all the information shared by you is correct.
After submitting the application form candidates will be called for an interview. And the final selection will be depend on the performance (you should be highly motivated) in the interview.

What Is It's Program Structure :

 Training : 

You will go through a carefully designed orientation and training program to sensitize you to the rural ethos, introduce you to rural project management techniques and equip you to handle the challenges of working on rural development projects.
You will get classroom sessions with a guest speaker (An Expert Person) as well as the field’s visits during the training.

How Much You Will Get As SBI Fellowship :

  • Stipend: Rs. 15,000/- to meet living expenses
  • Local T/A – 1000/ - per month
  • A readjustment allowance of Rs. 40,000/- upon successful completion of the Fellowship
  • Medical Insurance 

SBI Youth For India Fellowship 2019 Important Links & Dates :

Online application Form is available on
Online Application Submission Last Date - Check Website 

Monday, 28 January 2019

What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) And It's Scope In India

As per we all are very familiar with our smartphone & TV. There are many electronic companies in the market who are providing Fingerprint Sensor, Voice Recognition, Face Recognition, Smart Touch, etc, these all are the best example of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Now a days, this technology is technically visible everywhere.

Such as: field of medical diagnosis, stock trading, smart devices, weapons manufacturing, or remote sensing, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used everywhere. Without this technique, the video game industry can not be imagined.

What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) :

It is a computer based system, capable of doing all the tasks that only humans can do.

For example: Speech Recognition, Visual Perception, Language Identification, Decision Making, all these techniques, after listening to the voice and seeing the pictures, can identify any person. And many of the products working on this technology are already in the market.

Google Personal Assistance and Siri are the best example of this technology. Who responds to our voice. Technologists believe that in the coming days after voice and visual identification, the process of decision making will also be seen on a large scale in AI.

Growth Involving Career :

If we talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence), the companies such as Google, amazon, facebook, twitter, and all other social media and e-commerce companies are using AI.  
This is the reason why AI developers have a lot of demand. This field can prove to be a good scope in the form of Robotics and Data Mining to further its career. Right now, for the youth who have earned a degree in Automation and AI, there are a variety of career scopes in this field such as AI Engineer, AI Developer, game programmer, robotic scientist, or face recognition software developer. 

Scope Of AI (Artificial Intelligence) :

All major corporate houses, big companies, are pushing for maximum investment on AI and ML (Machine Learning). In the bank, manufacturing industry, service sector jobs, the roll of AI and ML is on the rise.

How To Learn AI / ML :

There are lots of platforms available online. You can learn free of cost from there. 

 > Learn Free :

The best options are -
(A) Google - You can learn free of cost from Google
(B) Coursera -  You can learn free of cost from Coursera.
(C) YouTube
(D) edX -  You can learn free of cost from edX.

 > Paid Course :

IIT Hyderabad has launched first full time course. For more information, visit the website.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How To Crack Job Interviews

This is the first and the foremost question comes always in everyone's mind after completing education,"How to crack job interview". Most of the time it has been seen that the freshers come under pressure only by thinking about how to succeed in the interview. And when the time for the interview comes, they are already upset. Whenever any questions are asked by the interviewer, they lose their confidence, because they feel that they will not be able to answer the questions asked by the interviewer and then they will not get a job.

After all, why do most people think so? Because they do not go ahead with the preparation for the interview. So in today's blog, we have given you a free course in which you will not have to pay a dime and you can learn all the tips to clean the interview.

What is the free job interview course? 

Job interview course is basically designed to be interested in improving your job interview skills, answering challenging interview questions more effectively, and helping your fellow students’ in their learning journey. By which you can improve your skills to qualify for a job interview.

This course contains some online games, quizzes, and assignments and you have to spend 2 - 4 hrs in a week to complete the course.

The Syllabus 

  1. Week 1: Preparing for the Job Interview

    1.  Week 1 Introduction
    2.  Six Steps to Interview Success
    3.  Stand out in an Interview: four strategies
    4.  How to Answer Interview Questions (STAR)
    5.  Vocabulary About Hard and Soft Skills
    6.  Week 1 Interview Question Answer Practice
    7.  Week 1 Assessment
      Language Multiple Choice Quiz This content is graded
    8.  Week 1 Review
  2. Week 2: Answering Job interview questions

    1.  Week 2 Introduction
    2.  Mistakes to Avoid
    3.  Six Tips for Answering Interview Questions
    4.  Non-Verbal Communication
    5.  Intonation
    6.  Week 2 Interview Question Answer Practice
    7.  Week 2 Assessment
      Language Multiple Choice Quiz This content is graded
    8.  Week 2 Review
  3. Week 3: Answering challenging job interview questions

    1.  Introduction
    2.  What Makes a Candidate Stand Out
    3.  Tell Me About Yourself & Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years & Long Term Career Goals
    4.   Why Should We Hire You?
    5.   Expressing Opinion and Delaying Answers
    6.   Word Stress
    7.   Week 3 Interview Question Answer Practice
    8.   Week 3 Assessment
      Language Multiple Choice Quiz This content is graded
    9.   Week 3 Review
  4. Peer Assessment

    1. Peer Assessment
      Peer Assessment This content is graded
  5. Week 4: Ending the Job Interview, post interview + skype Interviews

    1. Week 4 Introduction
    2. Questions Interviewees Ask
    3.  What You Should Do After an Interview
    4.  Skype Interviews
    5.  Week 4 Assessment
      Language Multiple Choice Quiz This content is graded
    6.  Week 4 Review
  6. Full Length Videos

    1. Live Session Videos
    2. Full Interview Videos
    3. Extra Videos
  7. End of Course Survey

    1. End of Course Survey 

      Click Here To Join This Free Course - JOIN NOW 

Monday, 8 January 2018

How To Start A Business

In the current era, there are lots of people who are unemployed. If we talk about only India then most of the youngsters are searching jobs online. In our recent survey, we find that the youngsters are searching on Youtube or a Google Search, "how to earn money at home?" Why this condition is going high these days. There are lots of websites who provide free entrepreneurial skills and there are lots of initiatives by Government Of India and other trusts. Why the youngsters are not joining those courses. If you have the talent to empower yourself then this is the great time to make "yourself" first. If you are good in leadership then improve your leadership skills via online free course providing websites.

Because If you are not getting a job and you have trust in yourself, then you must try to think about how to start a business.

What is business  

The basic definition by SwisterNews, "Business is a human skill in which the persons use to sell their product to their targeting customers". It doesn't matter how are you selling the products(online or offline) and how much you are selling.

Types Of Business

In this section, we'll cover B2B & B2C.
These B2B & B2C are both two forms of commercial transactions. In which B2B stands for Business-To-Business, the process in which the particular company deals directly with any other business company. In simple language, B2B is a process for selling products or services to other businesses. And in B2C which stands for Business-To-Customers, is a process for selling products directly to the customers.

So make sure first, what type of business you want to start. This will help you to create a vision for your company.  

Business Starts In

The best question ever, In this section you have decided that what type of business you want to start Manufacturing or Services and Both.

This is the most important question to ask yourself before the start. If you want to start a business in which you have to build the manufacturing unit only. Then decide, you have the proper place, planning, and money for starting your manufacturing unit. And in the next case, if you want to provide only Services to your customers then be ready for a business plan and exact figure to reach the goals. In the service-providing sector, you can start your business as a courier dropping company etc. Or if you want to start a readymade garment business that time you have to select as both manufacturing and services(if applies).

So, start working on a better plan first then decide what to do.

Click here to read >>Business Plan

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