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Monday, 12 June 2017

How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, everybody faces the biggest challenge, earning money. And everybody wants to increase their income. Everyone knows about any external source of income.
  So today I tell you a way to increase your income.

 What is Affiliate Marketing?

 Affiliate marketing is that which is used according to the old methods.

In this, a person refers the product to another person and when a person purchases that product, the person who gives the information gets a commission.

And no matter how much this commission can be, there is no limit.

How will you earn money?

Now I will explain to you in a very simple way how you will start the process of earning money through Affiliate Marketing.

Well there are thousands of links on the internet linked to affiliate programs. But the most popular in India is Flipkart and Amazon itself. After that there is Ebay, but there is less popularity in India.

Now we focus on the services of Flipkart and Amazon.

Step 1 : Before starting all this, it is very important to have a website.

Well there are many ways to promote affiliate links. But if you have a website then it would be great. And to generate affiliate links, it is important to give the details of the website.
 Learn how to create a free website. Free Domain, Free Hosting

Step 2 : Then you sign up to the affiliate site of amazon or flipkart

Once your website is created. Sign up on Flipkart or Amazon whichever provides you more commission. 
But let me tell you, in India, amazon gives the highest commission. 

Amazon Affiliate Program: Sign-up here (recommended)

Flipkart Affiliate Program: Sign-up here

During registration amazon will ask you to enter your website address and a few other details.
Even if you haven’t added any content to your site yet, tell them how you plan to promote products on your site and they’ll approve it.

Step 3 :  After that you decide which product to promote

If you already know the product you’re going to promote, then go ahead and search the product name in the search box provided.
If you’re not sure yet, then it’s a good idea to take help from amazon and see which products are selling well.
  • Go to the amazon bestsellers page.
  •  Select your category from the left side. You’ll see a list of the top selling products in that category.
  • Pick a product which you like (preferably one with a lot of positive reviews).

Step 4 : Now promote the affiliate link of the product everywhere

You will now have affiliate links. You can copy that link and link it to your website. And you can also send direct links to anyone.

You can check your earnings on the amazon associate page. 

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