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Friday, 20 October 2017

What Is Blogging For Charity

Moving a pen on a pose of paper is easy. It just follows the neo-cortex. And there can be countless reasons for our cortex to want to do that from a sense of depriving of thoughts and kind to the abundance of them, all the reasons are valid. But validity is not unequivocally defined at all times. Neither it is universally coherent the structure which begets meanings also derives validity claims of such implications. That is the reason behind the diversity of thought and therefore literature among and inside the different societies and cultures.

But because of the same reasons, all cultures, present and extinct, have some very similar, almost identical, themes, threads or undertones to their shared realities.
One such identical thread is the documentation of our shared reality manifests it everywhere. We write for others because 'other' is somewhere down the line us. Charity is not just a cultural trait(Its intensity may be!). It is simply an act of surmisal. It(Charity) is an objective truth in the guise of emotional value, though it's manifestation is relative and value Pacific. So the language and style of blogs writing in the name of the human cause can be different but the underlining always the same. They almost always point out the mutuality of our existence. They always want us to be a little 'bit' forthcoming, and they always want us to be modest. These charity bloggers save us from 'too much" of ourselves. It is a noble act, not just in a theological sense but also in the objective scientific sense for safeguarding survival and devising novel methodologies to do so is positively an acute act of evolution.

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