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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Earn Money Through Content Writing

You can earn money online by writing articles, no matter where you are from.
Internet is like a boon for us all, it connects us all from the world and that’s why you can earn money online by doing in what you are perfect. So it doesn’t matter if you are from India or somewhere else, you must have good writing skill and you are good to go. But the main problem of almost all the newbie writers is, they don’t know where to start and which path is perfect. There are lots of ways to make money by writing article such as: As A Blogger, As A Content Writer, Freelancer and much more.
Being a writer is like you have the power in your hand and you can draw(write) anything with your skills.
You can just write about the Government, Judicial System, Political Parties, Technology, International Relations between the Nations and much more.  You can also write about the products and reviews.
This culture is yet to be followed in India. There are hundred of sites that provide online job of writing articles, blogs, data entry or any other freelance job. But trust me, almost all such sites except few data entry job are functioning from overseas of whom you are totally unaware of. You can’t contact them properly nor anyone can guarantee you payment at the end of the month.
Many of these websites ask for your bank account details or ask you to deposit few thousands as security to get this job.
This practice is most common among data entry jobs. They give you 50 rps -80 rps per page with target of around 500 pages per month. They deduct amount depending upon errors, mistakes and many other terms and conditions. Means earning few thousands after typing so much (They can’t be copy paste). To find a genuine website for article / blog writing is very difficult and important too. I will suggest you to contact local or national newspaper (Editorial and weekend specials), not only you get paid well but also people get to know your talent which will be helpful in future

You can also write for Websites like ContentMart, iWriter or similar site, that pay for your stories that gain maximum views in specified time period.
Meanwhile, you can also try academic writing since the price for writing an assignment relevant to your expertise and profession is the best way to earn good income from home.

I myself am a freelancer writer and have been working since 5 years. Believe me I’ve given up any kind of day jobs due to my bad health and other concerns and am earning good income from home and that too without any high investments.
if you are talented, then there are lots of money for you in market. but its depends on you what you actually want to do with you life. there is job an option and content writing for yourself is other option. first option could be full filled by giving interview in reputed company for content writing job.

If you are really serious then Go And Sign Up on these websites.

Contentmart (Recommended)

iWriter  (Recommended)

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