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How To Make URL Shorten And Earn Money

If you already guessed that Google & Bitly are popular URL link shortener, then you’re partly right. But since making its mark on the web as one of the best and most popular link shorteners processing eight billion clicks on their links every month, Bitly is also a powerful online marketing tool.

If you’ve ever clicked on a link shared on a social media site like Twitter, chances are it may have been a "goo.gl" Link. But what is "goo.gl", really?

Like most social sites, signing up for "goo.gl" is free and allows you to connect to your Facebook or Twitter account so you can find friends or followers who are also using "goo.gl". Under “Your Network,” you’ll be able to see all "goo.gl" links shared on the web by any of your friends.

So in this article we'll give you the best way to understand how to make your URL shorten.
There are lots of ways by which you can make your URL Shorten.
So here is the example of shorten URL = https://goo.gl/6SjjiL

To know more about the URL go through the Link =  https://goo.gl/SzQetw

The link which used to start with "goo.gl" is related to Google. This is the short form of Google.

Process For URL Shorten :

The Process for URL Shorten is very simple. Go Through https://goo.gl 
And copy your any Full URL and paste in Google URL Shorten Tool.

You'll get a Pop Up containing your Short Form Of URL. Copy that code and start using that link as your full link.  

Note : In "goo.gl" you can not track your users. 

Can I Track Our Users :

Yes, absolutely possible. You can try "Bitly".

Can I Earn Money With Short URL :

For More Info Watch Full Video Till End.


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