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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

What Is The Difference Between Online Marketing And Offline Marketing

Everyone is familiar with the word "Marketing," the process in which we interchange the goods for our needs. There is always necessary to be more than one person before doing marketing. The key word in this marketing definition is "process"; marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing your products or services. When you're putting together a marketing program for your business, concentrate on the basics, the four critical components of any marketing plan: products and services, promotion, distribution, pricing. There are fundamental differences between online and offline marketing. Online Marketing is anything that uses the Internet as a medium of communication while Offline Marketing is anything other than the Internet. You can have marketing solutions both at the same time, but this time we will discuss this marketing separately.

What is Online Marketing :

The online marketing is a way to spread your product or brand on social media. These services pay-per-click advertising, press releases, blogging, website optimization, email marketing, and more are the best examples of online marketing.

What is Offline Marketing :

In the actual definition of offline marketing, every medium like TV & radio advertising, physical ads (billboards, posters, signs), digital signage, retail items, trade shows & conferences, direct mail(postal), magazines/newspapers, etc. are the best examples of offline marketing. In which any person used to advertise his/her products via these above-given mediums.

Online Marketing Vs. Offline Marketing

There are some significant differences between online and offline marketing;

1. Cost :

In this section, Any company or person who wants to promote their business or brand online or offline to increase their sales or services. They spend a lot of amount for promotion. So in this case, if we compare the expanses of both online and offline marketing, then online marketing is much more affordable than offline marketing. Because, in offline marketing, they should spend a lot of amounts to maintain their stocks, salaries, rents, furniture, etc. But in online, necessary expenses are starting an optimized website, promoting their business on social media which are comparatively decidedly less expensive than offline promotions.

2. Exposure :

Offline promotions(newspaper ads, wall sticker,) have their limit. You can advertise your business in a particular region having limited customers only. But there is no boundation in online marketing you can promote your business globally without even setting up local outlets. And there is no need to have a vast stock or a big godown to store all your raw materials.

3. Convenience – 247/7 or 365 Days :

There are no time barriers; your customers can buy the products or services at any time in online marketing. And in offline marketing, you can sell your products or services only then, when your outlet is open.

4. Personalization :

In online marketing, you can track your customers from where they are buying your products or services, and if most of your visitors are teenagers then you can target the only teenager as your customers, and you can target them with specific promotions. But in offline marketing, it is challenging to apply this all. But in a case, only small shopkeepers can use these methods to retain their customers.

Social Media Influence :

If you have your online store, then it can be promoted through social media quickly. You can soon get colossal fan/followers list for your online shop through social media. Also, if you are providing best services/products, people promote you well without even advertising. Directly or indirectly people start referring your online stores. It will not only increase the traffic for your website or online shop but also sales. Offline also get social followers, but there is a regional boundary. People may not come from another country(If people are unaware your product or service) and buy products from your local outlets or store.

Conclusion :

We always need customers. We still would like to improve our turnover/sales. We are not trying to discriminate for those who run only offline stores. Try to build exposure in the online sector also. It will make you more profitable with less expense.


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