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Thursday, 14 December 2017

How To Create An Effective Resume For Freshers

High Salary, Attractive Incentive, Secure future, family Planning, bla bla.. By creating a professional resume you can get your dream internship or job. Normally, companies get thousands of resumes they are flooded with thousands of resume and they can not get an attention to each resume. Companies normally interview less than 1% students who send their resume.

What is the secrete to the interview stage?

  • Good Skill & Talent.
  • And a resume that easily explains that skill and talent.
So, In this blog we'll discuss everything about Resume.

What is a Resume?

The Resume is well presented 1 or 2 pages summary of your background and credentials. It covers the details, accomplishments of your life, the Resume easy to read with clear heading. It has specific details about you at different stages of your life. Resume is used by students as a part of application process giving the job or internship use of employment, admission to universities, consideration for a scholarship or fellowship, or other professional purposes.

Why we have a good Resume? & Why is a Resume important?

Companies have only 15 seconds to learn about you through your resume. They have to decide to interview you only based only on the resume. Hense, the resume should have the fantastic summary of your life. A resume is used to filter for the interview stage. hence a good resume can help you to get a job interview. Remember resume helps you to get the only interview, not the job. You have to do well in the interview to get a job.

What do the companies expect to see in the Resume?
This is the most important section in which the company expects under each section...

(1) Header

Throughthe header, company wants the information of your identity and the details to contact you.

(2) Objective

In the objective section, companies used to check that your objectives are matching their needs.

(3) Education

In this section, to check if you have the basic qualification for the job/internship you are appling for.

(4) Employment Highlights/Internship

In this section, to see if you have done anything that reflects your potentials capability. Also, it helps you to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other applicants for the same internship or job.

(5) Skills And Abilities

In the skills section, an employee is looked for the abilities to carry out the internship for job task.

(6) Online Portfolio 

This is a bonus. Because it helps employers to know about your passion, interest, and skills better. In this information age, online potfolio is the must. 

(7) Interest

In this section, helps the employer understand your overall personality and character. 

(8) Activities/ Other 

Is there anything else significant and relevant you want to showcase, that wll add value to your resume. 

What to do before creating an effective resume? 

  1. Before we start working on, let's get all the details ready. Get all of your educational documents from class 10th onwards to calculate the scor or to write the exact and correct information. 
  2. Make a list of all things that you have done, to add to your resume. Like: internship, projects, part time jobs, extracurricular activities, sports, training, skills, sports, etc.     
Note: It's important that every point you write specific, by being specific the work you did explain well and the companies understand your actual work.
  • Write down facts, numbers as much as you can. If you write a general vogue point, the company will lose the trust in your work. 

  • Use action verbs in all your points- they catch attention immediately and make your sentence clear. 
  • Use bullet points, make them crisp - no paragraphs.
  • Don't just mention your "responsibilities", mention what you have accomplished. 
  • Avoid This - This is the most common mistake by us while creating a resume is to copy the format from a friend's resume and build it based on that. So Avoid this
Let's discuss all of the above sections in details.

(A) Header

Purpose: The purpose of this section is to provide personal information about you So that the company can identify you and contact you. 
Guidelines: The details to be included are Name, Current Address, Email ID, Phone Number and also a website address(if you have). Highlight your name, so the name becomes the title of your resume. 
Not To Do : 
  1. Do not include your Photo.
  2. Do not write "Resume" as a heading.
  3. Do not give unnecessary details like family information, marital status, nationality, etc.
  4. Do not occupy much space to fill up these details.

(B) Objective

Purpose : The purpose of this section is to convey your goal to the company clearly mention the exact role you are looking for. Include the position want to functional area in the specific industry.
Guidelenes: Your objectives should include these. 
1. Position Wanted.
2. Functional Area.
3. Industry Wanted.
4. Be specific and crisp. Restrict it to 15 words.
5. Your objective will be different for each role you apply to.
Do's :
 Ex.  If You are a job seeker:
a. Entry Level Writer in an organisation.
b. A position as a Management Trainee in SwisterNews.
Don't :
 Big No to Generic/Vague objectives. They are a big turn Off.
A Bad Example :
To work for an organisation that provides an environment to grow as a professional and the opportunity to add value to the organisation through meaningfull roles. 

(C) Education  

Purpose : The purpose of this section is to let the employer to know if you have the basic qualification for the job/internship you are applying for. 
Guidelines : 
1. Write all the educational qualifications from class 10th till present, your past and present qualifications, from class 10th till present. 
  • For Class 10th and 12th - Include College/School Name, Board, Stream/Specialization (if any), year of study, Marks/CGPA.
  • For UnderGraduate- Include College Name, University Name, Degree & Specialization, years of study, Marks/CGPA. 
2. Write all your qualifications in a reverse chronological order; i.e. the latest qualifications on Top.

(D) Employment Highlights/Internship

Purpose : This section is a critical component of your resume, as your hands-on work and the initiatives you have taken apart from your curriculum is what will reflect your real potential as well as differentiate your resume from others.
Guidelines : 
1. You can include the following info- Title/Project Name, role, Company/Organisation Name, 1-2 Line Description (brief and specific) & Time Period.
2. The time period is the most important.
3. Be very specific about what you've accomplished. Add numbers and tangible/factual results where ever possible.
4. The entries under each heading must be in a reverse-chronological order, with the latest info mentioned first. 

(E) Skills And Abilities

In this section, you could have written multiple options as below and the common headings that you can include are :
1. Core/Occupational Skills: This includes if you possess any core or occupational skills.
2. IT Skills: Optional, Advisable to include this if you are appling for IT/Software related roles.
3. Soft Skills: Must include.
Purpose : 
1. Core Skills: These are the skills you possess relevant to the role you are applying for (Occupational Skills)
2. Soft Skills: To showcase your personality traits.
1. List your skill and add a point which supports your skill the best.
2. Make specific points. Add numbers and tangible results. 
3. Dig your past to discover the best of these skills you possess and the best instance you can quote to support it. Everyone possesses their own unique strength, it's upto you to unearth yours and portray them in the best possible way. 

(F) Online Portfolio 

Purpose: Having an online portfolio helps in sharing your knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world. This will help the employers understand your skill and expertise.
Ex. This can be a Blog, Website, Youtube Channel, Facebook Page or Profile, Flickr. etc.
Make sure that any of the links that you provide are professional and do not have content may turn off the employer. 
Ex. My Personal Blog -
This blog has the article that I've writtern for 2 years.

(G) Interests  

Purpose : The interests you showcase speaks about your character. These Interests frequently come up as a topic of discussions during the interviews, sowisely choose what to display. 
Guidelines :
1. List interests which are meaningful and display some learning.
2. Support the interest you have listed with a crisp point.
3. Make the points specific and tangible.

Final Touch 

Read all of your filled details carefully and check for no error. 
Get your resume reviewed by person you know well.

Good Luck For Your Journey

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