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Monday, 28 January 2019

What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) And It's Scope In India

As per we all are very familiar with our smartphone & TV. There are many electronic companies in the market who are providing Fingerprint Sensor, Voice Recognition, Face Recognition, Smart Touch, etc, these all are the best example of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Now a days, this technology is technically visible everywhere.

Such as: field of medical diagnosis, stock trading, smart devices, weapons manufacturing, or remote sensing, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used everywhere. Without this technique, the video game industry can not be imagined.

What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) :

It is a computer based system, capable of doing all the tasks that only humans can do.

For example: Speech Recognition, Visual Perception, Language Identification, Decision Making, all these techniques, after listening to the voice and seeing the pictures, can identify any person. And many of the products working on this technology are already in the market.

Google Personal Assistance and Siri are the best example of this technology. Who responds to our voice. Technologists believe that in the coming days after voice and visual identification, the process of decision making will also be seen on a large scale in AI.

Growth Involving Career :

If we talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence), the companies such as Google, amazon, facebook, twitter, and all other social media and e-commerce companies are using AI.  
This is the reason why AI developers have a lot of demand. This field can prove to be a good scope in the form of Robotics and Data Mining to further its career. Right now, for the youth who have earned a degree in Automation and AI, there are a variety of career scopes in this field such as AI Engineer, AI Developer, game programmer, robotic scientist, or face recognition software developer. 

Scope Of AI (Artificial Intelligence) :

All major corporate houses, big companies, are pushing for maximum investment on AI and ML (Machine Learning). In the bank, manufacturing industry, service sector jobs, the roll of AI and ML is on the rise.

How To Learn AI / ML :

There are lots of platforms available online. You can learn free of cost from there. 

 > Learn Free :

The best options are -
(A) Google - You can learn free of cost from Google. 
(B) Coursera -  You can learn free of cost from Coursera.
(C) YouTube
(D) edX -  You can learn free of cost from edX.

 > Paid Course :

IIT Hyderabad has launched first full time course. For more information, visit the website.

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