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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Affiliate Marketing, The Best Way To Earn Much More Than The Expectation

I think, most of you want to know more about this 'What is affiliate marketing' and how to earn money with affiliate marketing.
Now a days, google adsense is an old method to earn money. If you have your own platform and you have rich content and till now google adsense did not accepted your monetization request on your particular blog or website. Than you can monetize your blog or website with the other providers.

If you have more than 500 people reach on your website or blog and your content is very informative than in the middle of the line of any content you can simply place your affiliate link. If the viewer click on that link they will be simply redirected to the providers website. If they started to make any purchase over there or they did any task there, you will get a good amount of commission .

If more people are clicking on that link then you can make a good amount of money without any work. You can simply earn during the sleep too.

Ex. If you monetize your website with and you write an article over best mobile phones under 10,000 rupees. And you have posted a link in your article. When anyone click on that link they will be redirected to and if they buy any mobile phone from you will get upto 2% of the commission.

So it is one of the best way to earn money online with less efforts.

How Will I Register Myself For Affiliate Market And Where ?

There are a lot of providers available in the market who are offering affiliate market services. 
Ex. Amazon, Flipkart, Bigrock, Godaddy, Oyo, Ola, Expedia, Phonepay, etc. 

Full Process For Registering :
  1. First, You need a website or Blog. (Either you can use free domains or paid).
  2. Rich content on your website or blog. (More informative)
  3. Need Bank Account with proper Check Book, So that you could receive the referral amount direct to your bank account.
  4. Daily New viewers or huge crowd. 
After this all, decide what type of content you will write on your website or blog. Then open the similar websites and check whether they are providing affiliate service.
Ex. You are very familiar with travelling and you have very good experience in this field, and you want to provide Travelling Content on your website or blog then you have to register yourself on Expedia, Cluelinks, Oyo, etc. and you have to paste your referral links everywhere in your post.

How Much Money I Can Earn ?

There is n limitation of earning in affiliate marketing. Most of youtubers and website owners earn Lacks of rupees per months only with affiliate marketing. 

Do I Need A Laptop/PC Or My Mobile Is Enough ?

A laptop/PC makes your work more simple and easy. Sometimes you have to put html coadings in your website or blog and most of the website doesn't support mobile. So that I'll recommend to buy a Laptop/PC to start.

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