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Saturday, 20 July 2019

How To Start A Blogging Site Free Of Cost

Yes, Free Of Cost. There is no need to pay a single rupee. If you want to start a blog like SwisterNews then you have to follow some guidelines to start your own blog.
In this blog I will tell you from where you will buy the free / paid domain name for your blog. And where will you host your domain with free SSL Certificate.
Stay in touch and read till last, and then start following all the steps one by one. Okay,

So The Guideline No. 1 -

The first step is very important because it is totally depend on you or your domain name. If you will buy a .com or .in domain name ( These are paid), or you will buy .ga, .ml domain name (These are free). Because it is very important what is your domain name. Is your domain name has .com or .in in the last. Or you have any other.
Ex. (Paid Domain Name), (Free Domain Name)

 >>For Free Domain Name - If you want to buy a free domain then simply visit on and then search your domain name there. If you are getting your domain name there then select them and click to the Checkout link and do all the formalities.

>>For Paid Domain Name - If you want to buy a paid domain name then simply click on and then search your domain name there. You will get your domain name under Rs. 999 only for 2 years (This is the cheapest price in India). If you click on above given name BigRock.

The Guidelines No. 2 -

After buying the domain name you just need a place to host your domain. is one of the best options to host your domain name, because blogger (A Google Product) is completely free and this will provide free SSL Certificate for your domain. 

The Guidelines No. 3 -

>>How will I connect my domain to blogger -
Connecting your domain with blogger is very simple. i will recommend you some YouTube videos below. Watch them carefully and do all the formalities done by your side.

>>How will I get a stylish theme for my blog free of cost -
There are a lot of websites available on the internet who will guide you everything about their free responsive themes for blogger. You have to simply download them and uploaded on the blogger. 
That's it, your blog is ready.
Ask in comment section if you are getting any trouble. I will try to help you.

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