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Saturday, 7 September 2019

What Is Something Everyone Should Know?

Hello everyone, I'm sharing a true story and everyone should know about this. Because it will really help you in real world. I was stunned and seriously weeping at the time of this incident happening. And I am not the only one who has faced this situation, most of the people on daily basis fight for it.
This may be happen with you even though you are more brilliant or extra ordinary and the most educated person. If you don't think about it, you can never think about he results.

So, Let's start the matter, actually what it was? And why am I writing this here? A lot of questions will arise up in your mind and I'm sure you may say "it was a common story so what was new inside". But the fact is very clear, I was not thinking that it can be with me.
          I was in Agra (Uttar Pradesh, India) and traveling alone, because of my some important works. A lot of money was in my pocket. As usual I don't like to carry a wallet in my Jeans. Because it's a digital world and I think there is no need of hard cash in your pocket when traveling. You just need enough money in your pocket so that you can buy some necessary goods for you. And finally I was done with my thought.
          I was walking in the city because Agra is famous for Taj Mahal and a lot of monuments. I was far away from this place. So during my journey I decided to buy some street-foods. The name of that street food was "BhelPoori". It was really very tasty. And One BhelPoori was for 20 Rupees only.

          It is point, where the game starts,
He (The BhelPoori wale) asked me for money that was only 20 Rupees. I put my hand in my pocket and it was 2000 INR Note, not 20 INR Note. I gave him the note and he returned me by saying he has no money to return 1980 INR. He told me that you can exchange your note on that shop that was opposite side of the road.
          I went there and i asked the person who was there to exchange the note in form of 100 Rupees Note.
He said okay.
          He turned the Note all sides, I was sure he was checking the Note is real or fake. So told me to wait and went inside. After 1 or 2 minutes he returned my Note and advice me to ask for the next person.
          I did the same because I was in need. I asked for the next person for exchanging the Note. He told me "it is fake Note and you are making me fool, wait, I'm calling the Police." I was just shocked what he was saying.
          In the next step Police came there, I did everything to make it possible to exchange my Real Note with the fake one.

Finally they didn't return my Note. I was weeping inside.
          I came back to that guy (the BhelPoori wale). He advised me,"every time whenever you start a transaction process in cash with someone, make sure you know the serial numbers of your Note. You can click a pic in your mobile phone first or you can write down the number before the deal.
          It was a great lesson for me and I'll never forget this moment in my entire life. So that, I have shared my experience with you and this was the final conclusion of "something everyone should know".

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