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Monday, 21 October 2019

Best Screen Recorder [2020]


Whenever we started a video call to someone or we use some secret work, then the first thought comes in our mind to record this. This may be a screen record with audio. And we do this in our android mobile phone or some times in our PC.
A lot of screen video recording apps are available over internet. But most of them are paid. So, In this article SwisterNews will help you to get free and best screen recorder for your mobile and PC.

Screen Recorder For PC. 

If you are willing to upload your own video on youtube or any other social media platform or you want to record your mobile screen recording for your project work. Then you these few applications to install on your PC. 
But before installing any recording software in your PC. 

Note - SwisterNews will recommend you to buy any best antivirus. Because if any of the app will use your any data other than the recording then the antivirus will notify you. So that it would be very heplfull to you.

So the list of applications is available below,

(a) OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) (This is fully free featured)

(b) Filmora Scrn (This comes with Trial version, If you will ask in comment then I will provide you the crack of this application).

(c) Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder (This is also completely free).

Key features include:

  • Incredibly simple screen recording.
  • Record the whole screen or custom region.
  • Multiple audio mode support.
  • Screen recording share support.
  • No limit on record time.
  • Allows webcam recordings.
  • Record picture-in-picture.

  • Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder can be used for a range of scenarios on your Windows PC. You can record a wide variety of content and use built-in editing tools to create video streams, tutorials and demonstrations, live chats, and more. You can also export saved videos in a range of formats to suit your needs, including MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, VOB, ASF and GIF.

    SwisterNews will recommend you use Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder because it's interface is very simple to use.
    Using OBS is a little bit confusing. You have to watch some videos on YouTube before using OBS.

    Screen Recorder For Mobile

    If you are a game lover or you want to record WhatsApp video call. You just need an application to record your full screen with audio. You can record your screen for PubG broadcasting. 
    But now a days, screen recording in android mobiles became very easy because a lot of companies are already offering mobile screen recording option. If this feature is available in your mobile phone then go and enjoy. 
    In the other hand, if you don't have the screen recording application in your mobile phone. In that case, you can download these free screen recorder for mobile. 

    A list of applications is available below;

    (a) YouTube Gaming (Best for Gamer who has their own channel on YouTube),

    (b) Google Play Games (This is also for gamer),

    (c) DU Recorder (Best for entire screen recording on most of the apps),

    These all applications are available free. And if you are willing to plan your recording, then all the best for all of you. Go Live on YouTube and make god money there. Thank you.