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Sunday, 20 October 2019

Create A Website For Free [2019]

If you are new to the word 'website' and planning to launch your own website and you are not familiar with the words 'domain name & hosting' and you have a lot of confusion in your mind. Then this article will help you a lot.
Because most of you want to launch your own website. But you don't want to invest your pocket money on purchasing Domain Name & Hosting and you want your website free of cost running on google. Then it is 100% possible.

What is Domain?

Domain is an internet identity of your website. As in a group of people when you called someone by their name, this make them different to all because of their name/identity. This is quite similar to that. Internet is an ocean of tons of data/websites and it is increasing day by day. So in the data ocean, if you want to jump then you have to make your identity. So you would be visible to all.
Simply, domain is the name of your website.
Ex., etc. (These are the examples of domain name).

What is Hosting?

Hosting is the place where you put all of your website data safely. You can not touch it, you can not see it. This is a place in data ocean as a plot you buy for building a house, this is quite similar to that. After purchasing a domain you need web hosting to put all of your website data inside this.

How To Get :

  1.  Free Domain;
  2.  Free Web Hosting;
  3.  Free Website;
  4.  Free Website Templates;
  5.  Create A Website For Free;

1. Free Domain

Free domain's mean completely free upto 12 months. You can simply purchase your desired domain name with .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq (not .com or .in).
To purchasing your domain you have to visit (for free domain name) and you can search your desired domain name there. If you get your name available then you can select them free. 
But If you want to purchase .com or .in then visit (An Indian Company)

2. Free Web Hosting

If you just want to check it out how a blog/website look like and you don't want to invest your money on hosting. Then is one the best and lifelong free platform by Google. It comes with free SSL Certificate that makes your website secure. But it has some limitations. 
But you want to create a professional website to receive payments online then purchase a web hosting on a very small amount. To purchase web Hosting visit (An Indian Company)

3. Free Website

If you want to create your free website then first decide the theme of your website, what will you offer to your viewers. Will it be a blog for your own thoughts on society, culture etc. or you will write articles on political issues, travel experience, coupon code, daily local news, affiliate, etc.
You get write any article and post your affiliate links between the posts so that whenever anyone click on that link and if they make any purchase over their you will get a particular commission on that product. So that you can make good money also. 

4. Free Website Template

A lot of websites are available with free responsive, mobile, google ad friendly templates. Some are free or some are paid. In free templates, you just will not get any exemption in footer credit or you will not get any new update or any support with your free theme/template. 
But if you buy a paid theme/template than you will get full customer support and all updates free of cost upto 6 months. 
But I will recommend to start with a free theme. If you are happy and you want to continue your blog then you can purchase a paid version.

5. Create A Website For Free

It is very easy to create a website for free. Once you purchased your free domain from then you have to follow some instructions to create a completely free website in blogger. And your free website will be eligible to accept google Adsense monetization (make sure you are not posting any adult content there).

How to Setup Freenom Domain (.tk, .ml, .cf, .ga, .gq) on Blogger Platform?

Check this external link this will help you to setup your free domain in blogger blog. click here


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