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February 02, 2020

5 Free or Paid Essential Courses For Students With Certificates

What will I learn in these courses ?

Hello everybody, are you looking for trying your hands on some different technology or are you interested in learning something in your free time and what if tell you that you can master any skill you want all for free. Well here I present to you the top 5 essential online courses which you can take for free and get certified by Eduonix which you can't ignore. The majority of these courses will revolve around programming language. But some few will also give you insights into a mysterious world of ethical hacking and web development.

Is it possible to learn from home ?

Yes, completely possible. You have to enroll in any of these courses and you will get your login details. You can learn from all over the world, but you need a proper internet connection and a high speed Laptop or PC. Because if you want to become a Ethical hacker then you need to work with a high processing machine (laptop/pc).
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Are you excited? So, without any delay let's get straight to the countdown.

Number 5

Our fifth course to this list is learn Java Script and jQuery from scratch. Name a programmer who doesn't know Java Scriptor or jQuery. Today everyone has heard of JavaScript and it's library jQuery. Both have become one of the most essential programming tools for all the developers throughout the world. It includes 10 plus lectures, 2 plus hours of video content. The main objective of this course was to bring together the two amazing tool so that developers from all over the world can learn web development in no time. It will be the perfect starting point of your journey for becoming a skilled web developer. This online tutorial would teach you about JavaScript fundamentals, jQuery fundamentals, variables and arrays, JavaScript loops, JavaScript functions, JavaScript conditionals, events and event handling, jQuery events and effects, tabs form project and by the end of this course different skills which you will gain our understanding JavaScript syntax, insights to jQuery, library building, web projects using JS and jQuery.

Number 4

Our next free online courses, be a white hacker and pen tester. Are you fascinated with all the hacking related terms, want to be secure. I want to track the data faith. Well this is the perfect white hat hacking caused by Eduonix which will help you learn all the practical concepts and techniques of white hat hacking and penetration testing. This online course includes 25 lectures, 4 plus hours of video content. This course is specifically curated for providing a conceptual framework to your security training. It is divided into essential parts like, information gathering scanning and vulnerability gathering, network attacking techniques and others. With this free course, you will learn introduction to ethical hacking and penetration testing, real-world information gathering, scanning and vulnerability gathering, network attacking techniques, desktop hacking techniques, web exploitation techniques, wireless network security, meta spoilt, detection evasion. By the time you will finish this course you will gain skills like ethical hacking able to hack systems and networks security paradigms, pen testing.

Number 3

let's move to our next course, which is learn Python programming from scratch alongside JavaScript. It is another very popular tool which is a general-purpose high-level programming language. Ask any programmer who deals with artificial intelligence or data science. You will know the importance of Python programming in no time coming back to this online tutorial it includes 39 lectures, 6 plus hours of video content as the name suggests. This course is designed for absolute beginners. It unfolds from the very basics and progresses to the advanced Python programming. It is also packed with various practical coding examples force menting your concepts. It teaches you introduction basic Python syntax, Python programming constructs, Python data structures, OOPS in Python. advanced Python programming concepts, web programming in Python, Django frame work. Once this course will finish you will be able to program in Python play with essential data structures in Python, understand OOPS in Python, web programming with Python.

Number 2

Coming to the second course of this list, which is Java programming course for beginner as the saying goes Java is everywhere is enough for anyone to know the importance of this technology. It is arguably one of the most important programming languages and this is the reason. this online tutorial was created and soon after made free. So that everyone can learn Java. It includes 44 lectures 12 plus hours of video content. This online tutorial is not just any online tutorial which you can find on the internet. but is designed with the aim of providing a relevant more modern and conceptual understanding of Java language. With this, you are not only able to write correct code but more efficient optimized and elegant Java codes. Java programming for beginners covers Java syntax and basic programming specifications, object-orientated programming in Java, polymorphism in Java, exception handling and generics, design patterns and code reuse, important data structures for Java, Java stream and concurrency, Java deployment and tools. Upon completing this course you will understand Java language specification, Master Java programming concepts, learn to write elegant and optimized Java code,

Number 1

The first one in this list is become a certified web developer from scratch without a doubt. It is one of the best online courses for all your web development training with this tutorial. Eduonix bring together all the popular web technologies for your quick and thorough learning. This free online tutorial will be a perfect platform for you if you are thinking about starting your web development journey is includes 46 lectures, 12 hours of video content. The instructor behind this online course has taken extra care for making his content relevant and interesting. It revolves more around practical sessions than just having the lectures based on theories. It allows you to build projects after each section from covering all the essential technologies to real-world examples. This is truly a one-stop destination for all your web development problems. This online course will help you to understand HTML and CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, XML, JSON and Ajax, PHP, PHP and MySQL frameworks. Once you will be done with this tutorial you will learn HTML and CSS, master JavaScript and jQuery understand PHP and MySQL.

So these were the top five online courses by Eduonix which you can take it for free all of them would teach you various concepts of different technologies in detail while helping you getting certified on successful completion of the course.


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