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September 29, 2020

Free Certificate Courses For Getting A Job [2021]

In this pandemic year, joblessness is a the biggest crisis. Everyone is asking to the government, how will you provide jobs to the youths. 

This situation in India is happening because of the mindset of the aspirants of different types of examinations. Some students were preparing for SSC and some were preparing for Banking and other examinations. Most of them are limited to their knowledge. They don't have any diploma or certificate course. So that they are counted as "freshers". 

So In this blog, you will know about some free courses by which you can get a premium job. and in the last, you will not say to yourself a jobless person.

(A) Game Development Course:

Most of the people are habitual of mobile gaming. And if you have a great idea of your own game. Then you can learn it from here. And make an enhancement in your knowledge to learn new things and earn money. This course in available in both Hindi and English course and completely free. 

After designing a game you can upload it on App Store or Play Store. And if the downloads crossed 30,000+ downloads, then you can earn upto 25,000+ per month until your game is available of the platforms. 

Links are available for both Hindi and English Languages :

For Hindi : Click Here

For English : Click Here

(B) Learn Coding In Hindi :

There is a bright future in coding. Because in this era, everything is going to digital. People used to pay their bills online, using online platforms for shopping their cloths to groceries and food. Everything is running on each website. And a lots of employees are working on these websites. 

So this sector has a bright future if you have the coding language. You can make changes in the interface of website. You can command them to follow customers requirements very quickly and in responsive manner. 

Links are available for both Hindi and English Languages :

For Hindi : Click Here

For English :  Click Here

(C) Advanced Level All The Courses In Your Language Free Offline :

In this section, you will be able to know about a lot of courses free of cost in your own language and watch the videos offline. You will also get certificates and Execute Live Projects Online with Expert Developers. This section is best for Designers. 

Links are available for both Hindi and English Languages :

For Hindi/English : Click Here

(D) Any Discipline Course :

This is a platform of government of India. Where you can register yourself and after paying fees for the course you can take part in the examination, you can get certificates.

All the teachers/instructors are faculties of prestigious universities. 

Links are available below :

For Hindi/English : Click Here




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