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Monday, 5 April 2021

What is BKRICHA.COM ? Why people are searching BKRICHA.COM in 2021 on internet?

BKRICHA (BKRICHA Business Services Private Limited) is an Indian startup recognition certified company registered in 2018 by two brothers Divyan Dubey (Divyam BK Richa) & Ketan. The registered office of the company is in Uttar Pradesh.

In 2018, the startup was registered for doing the business in textile sector.

The motive of the company was 'to provide their products to all of their customers without having money in their pockets’. The founding team was in contact with a startup “ePaylater" to provide their customers credit based services.


“BKRICHA" stands for :

The name of the company is very interesting. After meeting (face to face) with the director Divyan Dubey,

Company Name = Parents Name

In the name “BKRICHA”, BK stands for “Brij Kishor" the name of ‘his Father’, and “RICHA" stands for, the name of ‘his Mother’.

Founding Team :

Two brothers are the founder of this startup company and both of them have a very good experience in their respective fields.

  1. Divyan Dubey (Divyam BK Richa) : A 2013 batch passed out science graduate from Agra University has more than 4 years experience of sales and marketing both.
  2. Ketan : A 2017–2019 batch passed out arts post graduate from University of Delhi has experience in retail sales and customer support both.

Achievements And Good In:


Completed many courses online and learnt maximum free of cost via Coursera, edX, YouTube, and other platforms. He loves to play chess, badminton, filling SUDOKU, and motivating others and read/listen more than 50 books. He loves to talk with anyone, anytime, unlimited time (very talkative). But he has a very good sense of humour. After talking him, I felt, he is a true, helping and caring personality.


He was the “cultural secretary” in his college time. Having the best organizing ability, he is the most responsible person too. In the college, he was the most loved personality because of his friendly nature. His subject in the graduation was “Political Science”. He has worked with many organisations in ‘insurance sector, home loan sector’. He is less talkative person. But less friendly, caring and helping personality.

Current Condition Of The Company:

In 2018, the company decided to deal in textile sector only. But the founders were unable to raise funds for their company. They tried many ways, but in last they finally decided to deal in retail marketing (as an e-commerce B2C). And currently the company is selling most of the household items at reasonable prices.

Most Demandable Products :

They are dealing in wooden products (self manufacturing) and they have a number of inquiries and orders of below given products. These are "Puppy Style Study Lamp" & "Stylish Center Tables".


The company has CIN (U74993UP2018PTC101272), GSTIN (09AAHCB6672R1ZR), IEC {Import-Export Code}(AAHCB6672R) only.


The company owns a website


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